First Ukrainian International Bank (PUMB) among the winners of FinAwards 2021


The best financial institutions of the country were named at the FinAwards 2021 award ceremony on May 21.

According to the contest results, Sergey Chernenko, Chairman of the Board of PUMB Bank, was elected Banker of the Year. «I am very pleased to receive such an assessment because it is a mix of expert and customer's thoughts. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the focus of our work has been to support employees and customers. Together we managed not only to go through the difficult 2020 but also to achieve significant results. Our customers have resumed their activity, and we have greatly increased our sales. Also, together with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, we supported doctors in the fight against COVID-19. We were one of the record holders who raised funds and donated them to the hospital. This gave a great boost of energy and additional motivation to our employees. They saw that we are helping society go through a difficult crisis stage. Our main focus today, where we direct our efforts and developments, is digital products. We are trying to turn from a traditional bank into a product company”, – commented Sergey Chernenko, Chairman of the Board of PUMB.

Also, PUMB received a bronze in the "Best Private Banking (VIP)" category. In general, 19 banking programs for high-net-worth clients with an upper-middle-income level, which provide for the issuance of premium cards, individual service, and the availability of Life Style support privileges, competed for primacy in the Private Banking (VIP) nomination. According to Evgeniya Piven, head of the VIP & Affluent business at PUMB: “FinAwards is a mark of distinction for the level of service and services that PUMB offers to VIP customers. Not only the expert jury voted for us, but also the customers. This means that customers are delighted with the service and products of PUMB."

In addition, during the FinAwards ceremony 2021, PUMB was awarded the following nominations: gold in the category "Best debit card" ("vseKARTA"), bronze for the category "Best credit card" ("vseMOZHU"), and bronze in the category "Best bank for SME customers."

The winners of FinAwards 2021 were selected by voting on the award website, independent expertise, and voting by the competition jury. 29 banks, 31 microfinance companies, and 15 insurance companies took part in the contest. FinAwards was founded by the websites and The organizer of the competition is BankOnline.

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