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Individual safes

  • Your documents and valuables are always safe, in a quick access zone
  • Deposit boxes are placed in certified bank vaults
  • Repositories have a multilevel protection system

Ensure the safety of your valuables, and calmness for yourself

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Security and absolute confidentiality of your safe contents

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Confidentiality of the service (the object of storage is known only to the client)

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Without the consent of the client, no one is able to access the contents of the deposit box

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Specially equipped area for working with the contents of the safety deposit boxes

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Only for Persona

Special reduced rates for storage services

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Branches with isolated car entrances to ensure your complete privacy

Choose the optimal size of the safe

We offer a large selection of safes for various types of valuables: from coins to icons and paintings


Height up to 7 cm

  • Pack of A4 paper
  • Documents
  • Securities
  • Digital storage media
  • Banknotes and coins
  • Jewelry

Height up to 25 cm

  • Case
  • Large amounts of cas
  • Artworks
  • Valuable items, jewellery

Height from 25 cm

  • Paintings, icons, other works of art
  • Antiques
  • Securities
  • Valuable objects
  • Documents archives
  • Family relics
  • Large amounts of cash

What is prohibited to store in a safe?

  • Weapon
  • Armament and explosive materials
  • Drugs
  • Chemical, radioactive and flammable substances and materials

How is this regulated?

Bank Confidentiality rules do not provide an opportunity for verification of what you place in a deposit box. Nevertheless, you need to sign an Agreement with the bank, in which you guarantee that you will not store anything illegal in the bank safe.

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How to rent a safe?

  • 1

    Visit the branch with a passport and identification code

  • 2

    Choose the type of safe you need

  • 3

    Conclude a safe rental agreement

  • 4

    Deposit rent and key deposit amount

  • 5

    Get a key from a client lock

Select a branch and find out what safes are available now

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* Payments of individuals in favor of legal entities are not accepted after 17-00
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Book a safe

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We answer your questions

What is the max possible rental period for a safe?
The minimum period is 32 days, and the maximum period is unlimited.
How do I grant access to the safe to another trustee?
To do this, you need to issue a notarized power of attorney for the person you choose to be trustee.
What will happen with the values if you do not extend the lease of the safe?
If you continue to use the individual safe after the lease expiration term, a commission will be charged equivalent to twice fee value of one safe renting for each day of delay. On the 31st day of delay, the safe is forced to open. The contents of the safe are transferred to the bank vault (cashier).
How to extend the lease agreement for the safe?
The agreement can be extended remotely if: - the agreement terms — the size of the safe, the lease term — are not changed; - the account has the required amount to write off funds. In the event that the conditions change or it is impossible to ensure the availability of funds in the account, the personal presence of the client is required.
How is rent fee paid?
Payment is made immediately after the agreement concluding for the entire rental period. The payment can be made in cash, or non-cash from your FUIB account. Please note that in case of early termination, the commission is not refundable, only the key deposit is refunded.

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