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Money saving and multiplying

Preserve and multiply easily with Persona, as we guarantee the safety of your deposit and the best service!


For additional income, choose your deposit

Learn more about the terms of deposits

Profitable Deposit

For maximum enhancement of your savings — from 6% per annum

Accumulative Deposit

For easy accumulation and increase of your savings — from 7% per annum

Free Deposit

To freely manage your savings. Earn from 5% per annum


Secure storage of your values

Our managers will help you choose the most convenient option for you

Individual safes

Certified storages with a multi-layered security system will ensure complete safety of your valuables. Order an individual safe in the nearest branch, with an option to choose the size of the safe.


Qualified assistance in savings planning

Our managers will help you choose the product or take an advantageous financial solution

Personal Manager

Get expert help in choosing a deposit or renting a safe. Also, your Personal Manager will inform you about new rates, programs and, in addition, will help you track the deadlines for products.


Private networking events and training

Communicate on current topics

Informal activities of the bank

We value our customers and thank them for their trust in an informal atmosphere during events, where we also share news and useful information.

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