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Online financial management

Conveniently manage your funds with Persona without visiting a branch


Online management and control of funds

Improve the efficiency of managing your finances

FUIB Online

Banking transactions available from your smartphone 24/7. Manage your premium cards, credit funds, deposits and transaction history. Create templates, customize the application for yourself and add cards of any banks for convenient work. And also, connect cashback and get real money for paying for goods and services by cards from FUIB in selected categories.


Pay effortlessly with Apple Pay or Google Pay

You can add your cards to an e-wallet on your smartphone and forget about cash. Payments became easier!


Increased level of comfort

Take advantage of the fastest way to obtain information

VIP-line of the call-center

Don't have time to visit branches? Call the VIP-line and our managers will help you set up everything over the phone: limits on online payments and cash withdrawals, verification of transactions, online transactions abroad, blocking and unblocking the card. Call us and we will help you.

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