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Why is it profitable to buy government bonds?

FUIB is a leading Ukrainian bank that provides a full range of investment banking and brokerage services in the stock market of Ukraine for legal entities and individuals.

Start of sales of military government bonds

We are the second bank selling government bonds in Ukraine

Financial indicators and ratings

The profitability is higher than of bank deposits
The possibility of sale at any time
Absence of personal income tax (PIT)
100% return guaranteed by the state

In 2019-2020, individuals through FUIB acquired government bonds for more than

UAH 1 billion

How to buy T-Bills at FUIB?

Contact any FUIB bank branch with Persona departments
You need only a passport and tax ID, other documents are signed directly at the branch
Have a conversation with your personal manager
He will help you calculate the return on investment
Open a securities account
On this account registration of securities will be carried out
Conclude a formal agreement
For the purchase of securities with the possibility of repurchase
Pay the cost of government bonds
On an open account in securities
After the payment, the FUIB bank immediately deposits the bonds into the account you received earlier.
From that moment, you are a depositor - the owner of bonds.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I convert securities into fiat money?
If you need to exit the investment ahead of schedule, you should submit an order to sell the security. The high liquidity of the government bonds makes it possible to sell it on a day to day basis. This happens as follows:
1) the client submits an order for the sale of securities to his broker;
2) the broker sells securities on the same day (most often);
3) the funds received from the sale of securities are sent to the client's cash account or reinvested in new securities.
Who is the issuer of domestic government bonds (OVDPs) in Ukraine?
The issuer is the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.
What amount of personal income tax is paid on transactions with government bonds?
The investment income of an individual from transactions with bonds of an internal government loan is not taxed, however a military tax is withheld.

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