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Currency Transactions

Learn more about currency transactions, the SWIFT international payment system and the E-limit.

Currency Exchange

The Bank provides clients with services on the purchase, sale and conversion of foreign currencies.

At FUIB Online

    • Always available! 24/7
    • Fast! Currency exchange operation takes only a few minutes of your time.
    • Convenient! You no longer need to stand in line at the bank's cash desks to exchange and deposit funds into a foreign currency account.

To use the service, you need to install FUIB Online on your smartphone and have both UAH and foreign currency accounts.

At the cashier’s office

    • In any bank branch
    • Up to UAH 399 999 inclusive (in UAH equivalent)* subject to the provision of your phone number

*operations with amounts from UAH 400 000 inclusive are carried out using a cashless account only

Abroad Transfers

A resident individual can transfer funds abroad in an amount not exceeding a total of
EUR 200 000 during the calendar year
The purpose of foreign exchange transactions
Fulfillment of obligations to non-residents under life insurance contracts
Transfer of funds to personal accounts outside Ukraine
Provision of loans to non-residents (refundable financial assistance)
Investments abroad (acquisition of corporate rights and bonds of foreign issuers, ownership rights over the real estate)
Required documents:
Application for conducting currency operations and entering the information into AIS “E-limits"
Documents confirming the purpose of the transfer outside Ukraine (agreement, account and / or other documents)*
Documents confirming that the non-resident seller has ownership of the investment object*
Documents proving that an individual has an income in the amount sufficient to transfer funds on the basis of the E-limit
Information on the ultimate beneficial owners (UNO) of the transaction participants*
Currency purchase in the interbank market
During the services provision, the Bank shows individual approach to each client
Types of Currency Transactions
Buying and selling foreign currencies
Commission for the purchase and sale of foreign currency in cashless form:
    • for Black Platinum package: - 0.75% of the transaction amount in UAH equivalent
    • for Premiere package: - 0.5% of the transaction amount in UAH equivalent
Convert one currency to another
Conversion operations in non-cash foreign currencies:
    • 0.4% of the total amount
Terms of currency transactions:
Opening a current account in foreign currency of the first group of the currency classifier (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF);
Current account in national currency (UAH), which is necessary for crediting UAH from the sale of foreign currency, purchasing foreign currency for UAH, as well as for paying a commission
Payments in the SWIFT System
Use the SWIFT system for payments for goods and services.

Restrictions on SWIFT transfers are in place for the period of martial law. You can find them here.

Fast, reliable and convenient:
Large selection of operational currencies
High reliability of confidential information storage
The widespread popularity in the world
Payment Limits in the SWIFT system
no E-limit
    • < UAH 400 000 / month
    • => UAH 400 000 / month *
with E-limit
    • - EUR 100 000 / year
Transfer fee

    Paid in UAH at the NBU exchange rate on the date of the transfer: 0.5% of the transferred amount, but not less than equivalent of 10 USD and not more than equivalent of 500 USD. **

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