The «Moneybox+» deposit

Easily accumulate funds and earn up to 7% 1 per annum

Minimum amount
Deposit term
12 mo.
7 %1
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At the end of the term add% to the deposit

Deposit terms4

Interest payment
At the end of the term add % to the deposit
Deposit payment
at the end of the deposit term (capitalization on the deposit account)
Automatic prolongation
it may be activated or deactivated

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What is the deposit income you receive?

7 000
7 000
7 000
7 000
7 000
7 000
you will receive:
Deposit amount
300 000 грн
Income after tax
10 000 грн
The amount of taxes
54 uah
Income before tax
278 uah
Interest rate after tax
5.8 %
*The calculations are approximate. Indicated with regard to the loyalty program.

The deposit interest rates

Minimum amount
12 mo. 4
from 0 UAH

4Under the term of 12 months is meant placing a deposit on 367 days.

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  1. It means 7% per annum. The specified interest rate before tax on the deposit "Moneybox +" in UAH is a term of placement of 367 days.
  2. The repayment of any deposit amount is possible only through early termination of the deposit agreement with interest recounting at the base rate of 0.01% per annum.
  3. Deposit is provided as part of a package of services in conjunction with a service for automatically transferring funds from a card account to a deposit. The terms of the Loyalty program DO NOT cover the “Moneybox+” deposit.

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