Spin the wheel of surprises

Get the chance to win an iPhone every day and many other gifts
Gifts have been waiting for you! Spin the wheel of surprises at bilshe.mastercard.ua and get guaranteed gifts. A brand new iPhone, various certificates, as well as gifts from the Garage Sale are raffled off daily.

Gifts do not like to be alone, so from July 7 to July 28, inclusive, they will choose a couple for themselves in the Mastercard Bilshe.

How to participate in the raffle of gifts:

  1. Register in the Mastercard Bilshe program at bilshe.mastercard.ua
  2. Add Mastercard® card to your profile.
  3. Collect points when paying by Mastercard card.
  4. Spin the wheel of surprises up to 3 times a day and get guaranteed gifts. Each turn = 10 points.

Do not leave gifts without a pair, and do not leave yourself without a holiday!