The comprehensive insurance program includes
organization and payment for the treatment of a number of critical diseases in leading world clinics




·      treatment of malignant neoplasms

·      coronary artery bypass grafting

·      replacement or recovery of heart valves

·      neurosurgical intervention

·       organ/tissue transplantation from an intravital donor


Unprecedented insurance coverage:


1 000 000 euros – insurance amount per year


5 reasons to choose the program:

1.              Unlimited access to the best doctors in the world and the latest methods of treatment.

2.              Medical consultation of the world's leading experts to establish the correct diagnosis.

3.              Full payment for treatment in the best medical centers abroad without financial restrictions.

4.              Personal support of each client during the treatment.

5.              The possibility of insurance for the whole family.



·         administrative coordinator: visa support, resolution of all organizational matters

·          personal doctor-curator: solution of all medical issues

·          medical interpreter during the treatment abroad


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