Loan limit secured by a deposit

We offer a fast and affordable way to use bank credit funds to all clients who have made a deposit in FUIB.

Loan limit secured by a deposit allows you not to terminate a deposit ahead of time, not to lose the accrued interests, and to use bank funds if it is necessary.

Interest rate

  • 36,0%* (for holders of Profitable and Saving deposits)

*-For «Black Platinum» and «Premiere» packages owners interest rate decreased by 5,0% per annum.

Loan amount
Up to 80% of the deposit amount

Term of loan

Expiration date of the deposit is minus one day, but not more than 365 days

Repayment of loan

  • From own funds
  • Automatically after deposit expiration


  • One-time — 0%
  • Monthly — 0%

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