Priority Pass

Priority Pass Card is your opportunity to leave hustle and bustle of the airport outside the lounge for the first class. Priority Pass can be issued as a part of «Premiere» service packages.

With the Priority Pass card you will be able to enjoy all the privileges of VIP-lounges of airports around the world, regardless of club membership of the airline or ticket class. The client must present a Priority Pass membership card at the entrance to the lounge for access to the VIP-lounge participating in the Priority Pass program.

Priority Pass card gives you following privileges:

  • Rest in more than 1200 VIP-lounges around the world
  • Wait for the flight in a quiet and comfortable place with snacks and refreshments
  • Use all the facilities required for business needs: telephone, fax, Internet access, modern conference facilities
  • Invite colleagues, clients and friends to the VIP-lounge
  • FUIB included in the Premier package of services an unlimited number of visits to VIP-lounges of world airports for the owner

As part of the “Premier” package of services, an account holder is able to visit Priority Pass VIP-lounges at airports unlimitedly. PUMB compensates the cost of such visits to the customers in 2 stages:

  1. Write-off from account.
  2. Simultaneous crediting of monetary compensation to the account.

Please note that the amount of monetary compensation is subject to inclusion in the Declaration of income, if it is necessary to apply, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

If you declare your income yourself, your personal manager will prepare the information about this operation, upon request.

If you do not declare income yourself, there is no need to declare these operations on purpose, because we have already paid all the related taxes.

Find out the details from your personal manager.

Detailed description and location of VIP-lounges could be found in a directory provided to clients at The location of VIP-lounges could also be specified with the help of the “Concierge service”.