Priority Pass

Priority Pass Card is your opportunity to leave hustle and bustle of the airport outside the lounge for the first class. Priority Pass can be issued as a part of «Premiere» service packages.

With the Priority Pass card you will be able to enjoy all the privileges of VIP-lounges of airports around the world, regardless of club membership of the airline or ticket class. The client must present a Priority Pass membership card at the entrance to the lounge for access to the VIP-lounge participating in the Priority Pass program.

Priority Pass card gives you following privileges:

  • Rest in more than 1200 VIP-lounges around the world
  • Wait for the flight in a quiet and comfortable place with snacks and refreshments
  • Use all the facilities required for business needs: telephone, fax, Internet access, modern conference facilities
  • Invite colleagues, clients and friends to the VIP-lounge
  • FUIB included in the Premier package of services an unlimited number of visits to VIP-lounges of world airports for the owner

Detailed description and location of VIP-lounges could be found in a directory provided to clients at The location of VIP-lounges could also be specified with the help of the “Concierge service”.