PUMB Online

PUMB Online e-banking service provides you with round-the-clock access to your bank account online via your computer or mobile phone. Many operations that you could previously perform at the bank branch only are now available online.

"PUMB online" internet banking advantages

  • Safe management

    of funds and control over cash movements on the account 24/7 from any part of the world
  • Access from computer,

    mobile phone or any other communicator
  • Adapted version of e-banking

    for mobile phones and iPUMB application (for Windows® Phone, iPhone®, iPod® touch and iPad®)
  • User-friendly interface

  • No need to install additional software or purchase/rent

    additional devices from FUIB (for instance, password generation keys)
  • Each account transaction is protected

    with a separate single-use password that the system generates automatically and sends as an SMS to the mobile phone
  • Round-the-clock customer support

    by FUIB call center