Masterсard Concierge

“Masterсard Concierge” is a service provided to clients, who choose packages Premiere and Black Platinum and prefer quick, high-quality and exclusive service.
  • What is Masterсard Concierge needed for?

    “Masterсard Concierge” is developed for those who know the value of their time, prefer an individual approach, and trust professional decisions. A professional team of personal assistants, which works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day will be useful to you in any situation, anywhere in the world.

  • What can Masterсard Concierge do?

    “Masterсard Concierge” will take care of all your troubles: from the selection of complex travel anywhere in the world to calling a plumber to your apartment, from the consulting support abroad to booking a table at a restaurant. Provide you with proactive services based on your calendar (for example, you have a fitness training every Saturday at 10:00), as well as personal reminders (for example, about important life events – birthdays, doctor's appointments, etc.)

  • How to get Masterсard Concierge?

    Within the Premiere and Black Platinum packages “Concierge Service” is free. You only pay for goods or services provided within your query. You can use the “Masterсard Concierge” as often as you need it!

  • What is the FAST LINE service?

    The fast Line Service provides fast, round-the-clock passage of the passport control procedures and aviation security through the special turnstiles and corridors in terminal D of the «Borispol» International Airport on premium cards of Platinum Mastercard PayPass and World Elite Mastercard PayPass from FUIB.

    In the period from 22.12.2017 to 31.03.2018, there is a special offer for free use of the Fast Line service. Free Fast Line service, the owner of a premium card of Platinum Mastercard PayPass or World Elite Mastercard PayPass from FUIB, can use once a day and an unlimited number of times during the promo.

  • How can I use the FAST LINE service?

    In order to use the service it is enough to come up to the Fast Line stand, bring your contactless premium card of Mastercard to a special reader on the Fast Line turnstile and enter the PIN code. If the PIN is correct – 1 hryvna from your account will be temporarily blocked. The details are here.

    The Fast Line branded turnstiles are located on the third floor of Terminal D of the Boryspil International Airport in the departure area: one of them – on the right side of the aviation security control zone, the second one – also on the right in the passport control zone. They are easy to see and just use the service.

Concierge service phone number for FUIB clients: 044 593 11 11

You can find a detailed description of the services and monthly digests in which you can find a lot of useful and interesting information on the official website of the company.

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