Personal safes

FUIB leases out personal bank safe deposit boxes so that all your documents and valuables could always be safe and in quick access zone.

Bank safes, made by the world leading manufacturers, are located in the special vaults and have multilevel safety system.

Vaults of FUIB personal bank safes are certified by NBU, equipped with modern bank facilities and technical security equipment, which provide a complete protection of the contents of deposit boxes.

Individual safes as of 01.06.2020


  • Security and complete confidentiality

    of your safe contents
  • Confidentiality of service

    (only the client knows what the storage object is)
  • No one can get access to safe contents without client’s consent

  • Specially equipped zone

    for work with safe contents
  • Deposit boxes of various size and volume

  • Trustee may be entitled to use the safe deposit box

Items that can be placed into small safe deposit boxes (the height is up to 7 cm):
    • Pack of paper size A4
    • Documents
    • Securities
    • Electronic data storage devices
    • Notes and coins
    • Jewelry

      Items that can be placed into medium safe deposit boxes (the height is up to 25 cm):

        • A case
        • Large amounts of cash
        • Works of art
        • Valuable items, jewelry

          Items that can be placed into big safe deposit boxes (the height is from 25 cm):

            • Paintings, icons and other works of art
            • Antiques
            • Valuable items
            • Document archives
            • Family heirlooms

              Files for downloading:

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