Package Black Platinum

PUMB invites you to learn of the exclusive Black Platinum Package of services.

  • Replenish your account in cash or cashless without а fee
  • Withdraw cash at all ATMs in Ukraine without a fee
  • Use the services of a personal banker from Persona Club

Get personalized service:

VIP-service Persona Club VIP-service Persona Club
Your personal banker waits for you in any FUIB department.
Concierge Service 'Masterсard Concierge' 
This service takes care of all your worries: from the selection of sophisticated travel tour to any country in the world to plumber calling, consulting support from abroad to booking a table at a restaurant.Proactive services based on your calendar and personal reminders.

Enjoy the privileges:

Two premium cards Two premium cards
Visa Platinum Black Chip, MasterCard World Chip PayPass. They will make any financial transaction a lot easier for you and your loved ones.
Accounts in two currencies Accounts in two currencies
To simplify the calculations abroad, you can open an account in UAH and any other currency of your choice: USD, EUR, GBP, RUR, PLN.
Benefits of Visa Benefits of Visa
There is a program of 'Purchase protection' and 'Warranty prolonging'.
Shopping discounts Shopping discounts
Save money by discounts up to 75% in the network of boutiques, restaurants, hotels, spend less on car rental and purchase of tickets worldwide as well.

Travel in comfort:

Green Corridor 'Green Corridor' Service
After arrival of the aircraft you will be greeted fast and receive your luggage. We will help you to go through all the formalities of customs control in 280 airports worldwide.
Travel the world safe Travel the world safe
You are guaranteed to get the quality medical services and legal support abroad.
Travel Insurance Travel Insurance
Leaving the country, you will get a travel insurance policy with cover up to 50 000 EUR.
Premium card Insurance against fraud
Your funds on the card are under secure protection.
Travel Insurance Business-hall of Mastercard Lounge 
Relax in the Mastercard Lounge business lounge with Platinum Mastercard PayPass and Mastercard World Black Edition cards that meet the criteria set by Mastercard in the international departure area of “Boryspil” Airport (Terminal D and F)1.
Concierge Service Fast Line for cards of Mastercard 
Express, a round-the-clock passage of all formalities without a queue through special turnstiles and corridors with Platinum Masterсard PayPass and Mastercard World Black Edition cards, that meet the criteria set by Mastercard for international flights that depart from “Boryspil” airport (Terminal D and F) and “Kyiv” airport (Zhulyany)2.
Travel Insurance Lounge Key for Visa Platinum 
Relax in the Visa Lounge Key business lounges around the world.
The cost of visiting the Lounge Key business lounge is 32$ only for both the Visa Platinum cardholder and his companions. The conditions and restrictions in each of the more than 1,000 Lounge Key business lounges may vary. The detailed information can be found on or in the LoungeKey mobile app, after self-registration of the Visa Platinum cards.
Until 31.12.2019 for Visa Platinum cardholders a special offer is valid - 2 free visits during one calendar year. The details are on
Green Corridor Luggage packing for Visa Platinum 
At “Boryspil” international airport, with a Visa Platinum premium card, you can use free luggage packing twice a year until 31.12.2019. The promo period can be changed. The promo details are on

You are guaranteed with:

  • Priority and comfortable service in any department of the bank
  • Cash withdrawal in ATMs of Ukraine without commission
  • No commissions for urgent processing fee
  • 24/7 remote funds management through Internet banking 'FUIB Online' and SMS-banking
  • Account replenishment by bank transfer — without commission
  • Free cash refill
  • Participation in special events
  • Additional cards for authorized persons or your family members

Learn more calling 0 800 501 495

(free from any telephones within the territory of Ukraine)

or fill in the online form for return call

Files for downloading

1 To pass to the Mastercard Lounge, it is enough to provide the employee of the business lounge with your card of Mastercard and your boarding pass, then enter the PIN-code on the terminal screen. If the PIN-code is correct - 1 UAH will be temporarily blocked in your account, for the purpose of verification and the card will be automatically checked for compliance with the criteria set by Mastercard*. The details about airports and opportunities, as well as the maximum duration of stay in the Mastercard business lounges are on the partner’s website:

2 To use the Fast Line service, just go to the armored stand, bring your card of Mastercard to the special reader on the Fast Line turnstile, or insert it into the terminal for authorization, and enter the PIN-code on the terminal screen. If the PIN-code is correct - 1 UAH will be temporarily blocked in your account, for the purpose of verification and it will be checked automatically for compliance with the criteria set by Mastercard*.

3 From August 1, 2019, in order to use services with premium Visa cards, you need to pay by a Visa Platinum card in the amount of 5 000 UAH for a month. Transactions are counted for the last 40 days before the current date, except for transactions for the last 10 days. All transactions in the trading networks and payment for purchases on the Internet are considered. Learn more on

* From 08.08.2019 Mastercard provides access to the service subject to settlements (actual write-offs) for the total amount over 6,000 UAH in the sales and service network and payment for purchases on the Internet for the last 30 + 5 days on your card (the last 5 days, not counting weekends, are not analyzed). The detailed information is on the partner’s website. You are able to check the fulfillment of conditions and availability of the service through Mastercard-bot on Facebook.