Card Package

Exclusive service in more than 40 branches all over Ukraine with Persona premium zones, a personal manager and a dedicated VIP-line for calls. Fast flights with priority boarding and comfortable spending time in airport lounges around the world. Concierge-service, and many more additional benefits that are not available to everyone. Join the holders of the premium service package from PUMB, these benefits may be available to you!

Premiere Package Black Platinum

The first step in the premium service area, which will allow you to experience an exclusive service. Personal manager, a dedicated VIP-line for calls, free replenishment of the card in any way, free withdrawals at any ATM in Ukraine. Privileges from Visa and Mastercard for comfortable travel and flights, and most importantly, you are able to use these advantages for free!

Platinum Premiere package

Complete immersion in all the privileges of premium services. In addition to a special VIP-center, a personal manager, a unique ceramic-metal card, you are able to use an unlimited number of free visits with a Priority Pass card, concierge-services; get the most favorable rates for withdrawals, replenishment, and transfers between cards. And the most important advantage – you are able to get all these benefits for free!