offers the highest interest with numerous options of term and deposit amount. This deposit brings the highest income.


  • High interest rate
  • Access to Internet banking “PUMB online”
  • International payment card for receiving deposit interest
  • Guaranteed deposit security thanks to Bank participation in the Deposit Guarantee Fund

Minimum deposit amount

500 UAH/ 1 000 USD / 1 000 EUR*

Interest payment


Maximum amount of deposit

UAH 25 000 000/ USD 4 000 000/ EUR 3 000 000


Pay-in is not allowed


Partial withdrawal is not provided

Early termination

Early termination is not provided.

Automatic renewal

It is possible to set (cancel) at the request of the customer.

Overdraft on deposit

Overdraft limit: 
  • up to 80% of the deposit amount in national currency (UAH) 
  • up to 60% of the amount in the equivalent of a deposit in foreign currency (USD, EUR), but not more than 1 000 000 UAH for one deposit.
All overdrafts are provided in UAH
Overdraft interest rate is 36.0% per annum**

Terms of loyalty:

Extra +1% to the rate in UAH and +0.1% to the rate in USD:

  • in case of prolonging the deposit
  • when FUIB customer re-accommodates the deposit, which expired within 30 days after its completion
  • when placing a new deposit while having another valid deposit in PUMB
  • when the customer places a deposit via "PUMB online” internet banking service
To open a deposit via Internet Banking You need to open a branch in FUIB one card packages, which include "FUIB online».

In addition:

"vseKARTA" is opened free of charge together with a deposit, and includes:

  • Current account in the currency of the deposit, on which interest is credited and the full amount of the deposit is returned after its end
  • Free plastic Visa Rewards PayWave/MC World PayPass Debit card to the current account
  • Free “SMS-banking” and "PUMB online” internet banking
"vseKARTA" is opened only to customers who do not have another valid package in the Bank in the deposit currency. For more information on conditions, see the Tariffs for servicing individuals.

Money can be put on the deposit within 5 days after signing deposit agreement.

* The minimum amount of deposit at registration in internet banking "PUMB Online"; when placing the deposit in a bank branch, the minimum deposit amount is over 5000UAH.

** For «Black Platinum» and «Premiere» package owners overdraft rate is decreased by 5.0% per annum.

Category contribution to the minimum amountInterest rate, for year
1 m.*3 m.*6 m.*9 m.*12 m.*
from 300 00010,0%10,5%11,0%11,2%11,5%
from 5009,5%10,0%10,5%10,7%11,0%
from 1 000--0,5%1,1%1,1%1,1%
from 1 000--0,1%0,5%0,5%0,5%

* Under the term of 1 m. a deposit placement is meant for 30 days, 3 m. – 91 days, 6 m. – 184 days, 9 m. – 274 days, 12 m. – 367 days respectively.

Deposit Rates are presented including the loyalty program

Required documents

To open a deposit (card account) a client has to provide for the bank the following original documents:

for residents:

  • passport or substituting document
  • certificate of identification number of the taxpayer registration card (identification code)

for non-residents:

  • passport
  • document certifying the origin of the funds
  • document confirming the location of the non-resident on the territory of Ukraine

Files for downloading

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