Free deposit

Enjoy absolute freedom in managing your funds. Replenish the deposit amount and withdraw full amount retaining all the accrued interest.


  • Withdrawal while retaining the accrued interest
  • Deposit management 24/7 via FUIB Online e-banking service
  • Free plastic card to obtain interest payments
  • Deposit security guarantee due to the Bank’s participation in the Deposit Guarantee Fund

    Minimum deposit

    UAH 100 / USD 10 / EUR 10 


    6 month

    Payment of interest


    Maximum amount of deposit

    UAH 25 000 000/ USD 4 000 000/ EUR 3 000 000


    • Minimum replenishment amount:
      • UAH 100 / USD 20 / EUR 20 where the deposit is replenished via ATM or cash office
      • No limits for replenishment via FUIB Online
    • Depositing may be made in cash in the cash department of JSC “FUIB” or by a bank transfer from the card account of the depositor at JSC “FUIB”.

    • No limit for maximum replenishment amount


    Withdrawal without limitations, all accrued interest is retained.

    Overdraft secured by deposit

    No overdraft option


    • Free FUIB Online e-banking service
    • Free plastic card Visa Classic Unembossed or MasterCard Standard Unembossed
    • Funds may be put onto the deposit within 5 days after the signing of the deposit agreement. Deposit period starts from the date of actual transfer of the deposit amount to deposit account 

    Early termination

    with full payment of accrued interest.

    Category contribution to the minimum amount Interest rate, for year
    6 m.
    from 100 12.0%
    from 10 0,8%
    from 10 0,8%

    Deposit Rates are presented including the loyalty program

    Required documents

    To open a deposit (card account) a client has to provide for the bank the following original documents:

    for residents:

    • passport or substituting document
    • certificate of identification number of the taxpayer registration card (identification code)

    for non-residents:

    • passport
    • document certifying the origin of the funds
    • document confirming the location of the non-resident on the territory of Ukraine

    Files for downloading

    Learn more calling 044 231 7272

    (free from any telephones within the territory of Ukraine)

    or fill in the online form for return call