Term deposits

  • Profitable

    Offers the highest interest with numerous options of term and deposit amount. This deposit brings the highest income.

  • Recurring deposits

    • Moneybox+ Deposit

      Deposit, giving you absolute freedom in management of funds: the ability to replenish and withdraw funds without restrictions at any time, preserving all of the accrued interest. The product is made only in the framework of any card package.

    • Accumulative

      with the possibility of replenishment (without restrictions) and a high-interest rate

    Flexible deposits

    • Free Deposit

      Absolute freedom in managing your funds. You may replenish your deposit or withdraw full amount with no limitations retaining the accrued interest.

Deposit benefits from the First Ukrainian International Bank:

  • Higher interest rates

    for large deposits
  • Deposit management

    24/7 without visiting the bank by using “FUIB online” internet banking or mobile applications iOS and Android
  • SMS-informing

    on a mobile phone about the accrued interests, which are transferred on the account of your payment card by the bank automatically
  • Deposit security guarantee

    due to the bank participation in the deposit guarantee fund
  • Special loyalty program

    for regular customers
  • Deposit flexibility

    due to the possibility of partial withdrawal, replenishment and credit line opening secured by your deposit
  • Term of the deposit

    from 1 month

Loyalty program

Premium to the interest rate* +1% in UAH and +0.1% in USD:

  • In case of prolongation of the current deposit
  • In case of relocation of the deposit, that has recently ended, within 30 days after the expiration
  • In case of starting a new deposit when you already have an active deposit in FUIB
  • In case of starting a deposit via “FUIB online” internet banking

*— Loyalty programs are applieds to deposit "Profitable", "Vilniy" and "Nakopychuvalniy"


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