PUMB has improved the conditions of "Black Platinum", "Premier", "Investor" premium packages and "Bezmezhna" card

Currently, when making (debit cards) “Black Platinum”, “Premiere” and “Investor” premium packages, as well as “Bezmezhna” cards, two travel insurance policies are available - from IC “ASKA” and IC “AXA Insurance”. 

The insurance coverage of IC “AXA Insurance” includes active sports (skiing, snowboarding, diving, etc.), but only at the amateur level.   

The duration of one trip in “Black Platinum” package – 60 days, in “Premiere” and “Investor” packages – 90 days, in “Besmezhna” card – 30 days, while the number of trips is unlimited (multivisa).

The insurance indemnity for Black Platinum, Premiere and Investor packages – 50,000 euro, on “Besmezhna” card – 30,000 euro.

Sometimes travel, in addition to new emotions and impressions, is filled with unexpected risks and dangers. Therefore, the presence of a travel insurance policy will provide timely medical and other assistance in unforeseen situations while traveling abroad. 

Please, contact your personal manager.