PUMB has opened the first VIP Customer Service Center

First Ukrainian International Bank (PUMB) has opened a separate VIP-department for customer service of Persona club. The department is located in the center of the capital, at the address, 5 Klovsky descent, Kyiv 
Now, VIP-customers of PUMB will be able to be served in a separate Center with a higher level of comfort and privacy: a separate entrance, cozy meeting rooms, two of which have the possibility of carrying out cash operations, modern technical equipment. Also, the VIP-center is equipped with a depository with cells of different sizes – so that customers can freely choose an appropriate option.
“The opening of the VIP-center is a real event for PUMB because it is the first service center of such a high level in the bank’s network. However, the center is only the first step towards transforming the philosophy of working with premium customers. The new service model allows to service in such a way, as saving the customer's time as much as possible: all operational work is organized in such a way that the customer simply does not notice it”, commented Andrey Prusov, sales director and retail business development of PUMB
In the PUMB VIP Customer Service Center, not only customers but also members of their families are able to receive a piece of advice and take the advantages of the full range of banking services. For members of Persona Club, the bank has special offers, such as higher deposit rates, premium products and the like.
In the meeting rooms, Persona club customers can not only solve their financial issues but also hold their own business meetings with partners. “Anyway, all our customers' business activities are financially related. Understanding this, we kindly suggest using VIP-center meeting rooms for business meetings. All that is needed for this is to simply book a room with the help of a personal manager”, added Andrei Prusov. 
PUMB will also continue servicing customers of Persona Club on the basis of VIP-zones within the existing branches of the bank. VIP-zones are equipped in 42 branches – that is, almost every fourth branch of the network. Zones will continue to work as usual so that customers are able to continue to receive quality service.