Become a client

You can join the “Persona Club” under the following conditions:

In order to get more detailed information or to join the “Persona Club”, make an appointment with a personal banker, by calling one of the following phone numbers:

  • 590 for calls made from mobile phones
  • 0 800 501 495 free from any telephone in Ukraine
  • 38 044 290 93 13 for international calls
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I, as a subject of personal data, without any reservations or limitations hereby give my consent for:

  • keeping, processing and usage of my personal data by the PJSC "FUIB"for the purpose of provision of banking services and rendering/offer of other services to me;
  • transfer of my personal data by the PJSC "FUIB" to any third parties involved in the process of customer service or collection of debt of clients to the PJSC "FUIB" on the basis of the agreement with the PJSC "FUIB". The scope of my personal data processed in the personal data base of the PJSC "FUIB" shall be determined by the PJSC "FUIB" according to the requirements of the effective law of Ukraine.